SiWC Policies

Your attendance (defined by logging in to the website and/or attending any Zoom events) at SiWC at Home in any capacity constitutes your agreement to abide by this code of conduct and indicates that you have read and understood our harassment policy.

Code of Conduct

During any events where interaction is possible, including on camera or in written messages on Zoom, Discord, or anywhere else, you agree

* To be as helpful as possible and to foster a positive attitude and experience for all. As this is a conference where the new writer and multi-published best-selling author mix and mingle, coming together in the spirit of learning and advancing the craft of writing is essential.

* To speak with tact, manners and discretion, with language that is appropriate to a mixed audience, and put the needs of the conference above personal opinions or philosophies. Differing opinions are welcome, but personal attacks, inflammatory remarks, and the stirring up of controversy are not. We are an organization that values diversity, inclusion, and acceptance and we expect the highest standards of behaviour of everyone who is involved with our conference.

* To discuss and/or pitch personal writing projects only within a professional boundary, not ever excessively selling personal products, projects, or services.

* To arrive for all events, workshops, appointments, and commitments on time, and to come and go quietly if you must leave for any reason while an on-camera event is in progress.

* To turn off or silence cell phones during any on-mic events, and to mute your mic while you are not actively participating (speaking, applauding, or singing).

* To honour copyright and the restriction on videos being only for attendee viewing only.

Harassment Policy

The Surrey International Writers’ Conference promotes a collegial, welcoming environment for attendees, presenters, volunteers and staff alike. Harassment, defined generally as any behaviour that annoys, alarms, or threatens another person or group, and any other behaviour that causes excessive discomfort to other people; adversely affects SiWC’s relationship with its guests, its venues, its partners, or the public; breaks any applicable law; or causes significant disruption to conference operations will not be tolerated.

The SiWC Society reserves the right to revoke conference passes without recompense and to deny offenders attendance at future events.

SiWC prides itself on being a safe event. If you encounter any behaviour that makes you uncomfortable, please report it immediately to a board member, the conference coordinator, or the conference administrator by going to the virtual reg desk and asking for us or direct messaging us on Discord. We can only act in response to events of which we are aware. The decision to revoke conference passes and/or deny attendance at future events is at the sole discretion of the SiWC Society Board of Directors and the conference coordinator.

SiWC at Home Accessibility Policy

SIWC is committed to supporting and assisting individuals with disabilities to attend and participate in our conference.

Our conference strives to be consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity for all.

Our conference has identified an accessibility coordinator who has received training in this area and is the primary person for any questions or feedback. As always, feel free to approach any member of the conference board.

In order that we may better serve anyone needing an accessibility service and/or accommodation please alert the board or conference administrator of any needs we should be aware of. This may include any of the following:


We will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability.

We will work with the person with a disability to determine what method of communication works for them.

If you require communication such as closed captioning or event transcripts, please inform the conference ahead of time so this can be arranged.

Support Workers

Individuals who require assistance may have their support worker attend the session at no additional cost.