Temporary Lobby

Message from Coordinator Kathy

Welcome to SiWC @ Home! Have fun looking around and getting comfortable with the site. Events kick off with WXR at SiWC’s pre-conference social on Saturday the 17th. 

Tip #1: Download the Zoom app to your desktop and make sure you are on the latest version to use all the features in our social spaces and classes.

Tip #2: Looking to connect with people to set up meet-ups in the bar or get tech support if Zoom is letting you down and you can’t go to the Reg Desk? We have an SiWC Discord server going to act as the “hotel hallways.” The join link is in the footer menu.

Social Stuff

The bar is open daily from 8am beginning Wednesday the 21st. For all social events, you will be on camera and mic unless you turn them off. See today’s schedule for all event descriptions.

Registration Desk

The reg desk will be open daily beginning 9:00 am on Wednesday the 21st. Go here for to sign up for extra master classes, get technical support, and get your questions answered.

Can you see me?

For all social events and any event marked “meeting style” you will be on camera and mic. Unless otherwise noted, classes are webinars: you will not be on camera or mic as an attendee.


All keynotes and all Wednesday – Sunday classes will be recorded and available to attendees for one month. No other events will be recorded.

Today’s Events

All times shown are Pacific time.

Current time is 12:00

Pre-con events kick off with the WXR social on Saturday at 5:30.